Smart Reader for Freestyle Libre

Continuous glucose readings every 5 minutes straight to your mobile phone or watch.



MiaoMiao3 Smart Reader
MiaoMiao3 Smart Reader MiaoMiao3 Smart Reader

Product List:

MiaoMiao3    X   1

Charge cable    X   1

Adhesive stickers(8in1)   X   10

30days 100% money back guarantee

12 months warranty


MiaoMiao1 Smart Reader

$119.00 $199.00

MiaoMiao1 Smart Reader
MiaoMiao1 Smart Reader MiaoMiao1 Smart Reader MiaoMiao1 Smart Reader

Product List:

MiaoMiao1    X   1

Charge cable    X   1

Adhesive stickers(4in1)   X   15

30days 100% money back guarantee

12 months warranty

MiaoMiao2 features

Check BG level on your phone

With MiaoMiao, your glucose information transmits to your phone automatically by tomato app or other compatible apps, you don’t have to scan by yourself to know your glucose level in real-time.

Tomato App

Auto BG alert

MiaoMiao collects real-time glucose information every 5 minutes, Tomato App sends you alerts when your BG level is too high or too low or up rapid or down rapidly.

Tomato App

Share BG level to your family

If you use Tomato App with MiaoMiao, you can share your BG level to your family by Facebook Messenger. It is very helpful for parents to monitor their children's BG level.

Tomato App

IP67 waterproof

MiaoMiao2 is designed for IP67 waterproof, that means it can be dropped into water up to one meter deep for half an hour. You can have a shower or shallow water swimming too.


MiaoMiao2 is rechargeable and one single charge lasts 14 days.

Slimmer & Stabler

MiaoMiao2 is slimmer and more comfortable than MiaoMiao1, and NFC read the sensor's data is stabler than MiaoMiao1.

easy to wear

We support 3 different ways to wear MiaoMiao2 which covers the sensor. You can only stick the tape with the sensor without stick the skin part to avoid the skin allergies. You can also only use the holder to hold MiaoMiao2 to cover the sensor. And of course, you can use sticker and holder in the same time.

Compatible Applications


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One of best new readers for libre sensors. Outstanding glucose alarm system, a must have.

– DeeBee.it@Italy

MiaoMiao is the complete libre sensor reader. It is a must have for all diabetics. Unbelievable.

– Diabetes Life Hacks@German

It’s a great product. It sends your Freestyle Libre blood glucose values to your phone every 5 min.

– Kamil@UK/T1D/YouTube[Nerdabetic]

Very stable Bluetooth connection using MM2, more adhesion to skin, comfort while sleeping and can spend hours in swimming pool without reset

– Ramzi@UAE/Facebook[ramzi.itani69]

It’s great being able to add certain alarms to your Libre as and when you want, and can’t wait to set up my Miao Miao with a smart watch.

– Sophie@UK/T1D/INS[whatthebetes]

The miaomiao has allowed me to run better my alerting me of my highs and lows.

– Mariam@Canada/T1D/INS[keraby_t1d]

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