1. The charge lamp is off

Method 1: When charging the battery, if the charging cable is connected successfully, it will flash red light, and then it will flash red light every 7 seconds, it is the normal state of charge. If the red light does not flash immediately after the connection of the charging cable, please check whether the charging contacts in contact with it are in good contact, and check if the power of the USB charging head is turned on.

Method 2: If you are connected to the charging treasure charging, because most of the charging treasure does not support the small current charging, so you can not charge the MiaoMiao, please change the charging plug to connect the socket for charging;

2. Search can't find my MiaoMiao!?

Method 1: Make sure the phone's Bluetooth is turned on;
Method 2: Check if MiaoMiao has electricity and you can charge it for 15 minutes before trying to search;
Method 3: After reset, try searching again

3. The prompt "The sensor can't be read"

Method 1: First ensure that the MiaoMiao, is placed on top of the sensor in accordance with the instructions;
Method 2: Make sure that the new sensor has started;
Method 3: Make MiaoMiao, reattach the sensor and change direction;
Method 4: Try to reset MiaoMiao,;

4. "Signal is missing" 

Method 1: Check whether the system Bluetooth is turned off;
Method 2: Check if MiaoMiao, has electricity and you can charge it for 15 minutes before trying to search;
Method 3: Please place the mobile phone near MiaoMiao,(preferably within 3 meters). Do not put the phone in a metal object (including but not limited to iron tables, metal cabinets, etc.). It is best not to block the phone and MiaoMiao. (including, but not limited to, humans, animals and other objects with moisture, metal objects, etc.);